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Family Support

The Family Support Service aims to support parents to make positive changes for their children when things are difficult at home.

The difficulties may be due to parenting issues such as managing children’s behaviour, mental health illness, domestic abuse, substance misuse or isolation. The Family Support Worker will complete a Family Star with the parent to find out more about the family, what their needs are, their strengths and the difficulties they face. A plan will be made in partnership with the parent with the aim of making changes for positive outcomes for the child and family. The plan and support will be based on the children and family’s individual needs. Support varies depending on the family’s needs. Support includes parenting, housing and benefit advice, signposting to other agencies, support to children’s centre groups and much more.

If you have any questions about the Family Support Service or would like more information please contact Paula on 07940 599761

We also have a Befriending Service where volunteer Befrienders can provide parents with support and help them access services within our Children's Centres. To find out more click here.