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FAQ's - Childrens Centres

Can I use my mobile phone in the children’s centre?

No, mobile phones cannot be used in the children’s centre due to our safeguarding policy. However phone calls and text messages can be taken outside of the children’s centre.

How can I come on your summer trips?

Summer trips are organised by the Parents Forum and are for regular users of the Centre.  We encourage people to join the Parents Forum, who meet on the first Friday of the month 11.30am-12.30pm, here you will have the opportunity to help shape services for local families.

Do you have any exercise classes in the evening?

Yes, Zumba classes run term time Thursdays 6.30pm-7.30pm at the Holy Trinity Centre and cost £4 per session.

Are Nursery and Creche Staff Qualified?

All staff employed will be required to have either an NNEB, Cache Diploma in Nursery Nursing or NVQ level 3.

Nursery assistants will be following a recognised training qualification while working. We will always be keeping up to date with current research, and staff will be encouraged to attend further training.

What age can I leave my child at crèche?

We take children from 3 months.

Can I leave my child at a stay and play?

A stay and play is different to nursery, you stay at the session and are able to meet other mums, dads and carers in a friendly atmosphere with the opportunity to play with your child.

How much do activities cost?

The majority of activities are free however there is a small charge for some of the events. You can find out whether there is a charge by looking at our booklet. This will also give you information on times and venues.

How can I join groups?

To join any groups in the Centre all you need to do is telephone or come along to the centre to find out details. You will need to register by completing a registration form and we will then inform you of groups and services in our centres.  Please ask at reception for a registration form.

What is a Children’s Centre?

Children’s Centres offer all families with children under five a range of services, information and support in their local community. The support varies according to local needs but most centres offer the following:

  • advice during pregnancy and when your baby is born
  • home visiting
  • family drop-ins
  • parenting support
  • information about your child’s health needs
  • training courses to improve your life skills or help you back to work
  • help finding specialist groups and services
  • family support.

Centres work closely with other local organisations, so if there is something they can’t help you with themselves, they will usually be able to give you details of an organisation who can.