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FAQ's - Counselling Services

Will I have to pay for my counselling?

There is no fee for a counselling assessment. For ongoing counselling, we offer a sliding scale of fees, depending on your income, this is discussed at your assessment. For those who are unemployed, or in receipt of benefits, we charge £2 per counselling session. If you are in receipt of benefits, you will be asked to show evidence of this at your assessment.

How long will my counselling sessions last?

Counselling sessions last 50 minutes. Once your ongoing counselling begins, you will see the same counsellor, at the same time each week. We offer a maximum of 24 counselling sessions. 

At what times can I see a Counsellor?

Currently, we offer ongoing counselling on Mondays, Tuesday mornings and Wednesday.

What happens at a counselling assessment?

At your counselling assessment, you will be asked to complete some forms at the start. You will also be asked what has led you to the counselling service, along with some questions about your history. It is understood that coming to counselling can be quite daunting; at Quaggy we do our best to make you feel as comfortable as possible. If it is decided at assessment if counselling is for you, we then ask when best suits you to see a Counsellor. You will also be asked if you would prefer to see a male or female Counsellor.

How can I use the Quaggy Community Counselling Service?

You can use Quaggy Community Counselling Service if you are aged 18 years and over, and live in SE3, SE8, SE10 or SE13, please call 0208 465 9785.

You will then be invited to a counselling assessment. If you live outside of these postcodes, but live wihtin the boroughs of Greenwich and Lewisham and have a child under 18, you can still acess the service as long as you are referred by any Health professional. If you are unsure if this applies to you, please call us.

Do you do couples counselling?

No, Quaggy Community Counselling Service is for individuals over 18 years who live in the local area.