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FAQ's - Family Support

How will you know what support I need?

The Family Support Worker will complete a Family Star with you. This will enable you to tell the worker about your family and situation. The Family Star will explore your family’s strengths and difficulties. You will be able to discuss with the Family Support Worker what the family’s needs are to create goals and actions which will guide the support you receive from the Family Support Worker.

Can you come to appointments with me?

Yes the Family Support Worker is able to support you to appointments for example an appointment at the Woolwich Centre with the Housing Officer.

If I tell you about my family situation will you tell anyone else?

When you meet or talk to the Family Support Worker this information will be kept on a file and will be shared with a supervisor in supervision. If the Family Support Worker wants to speak to another worker about your family or child or share information they will ask for your signed permission.

If the Family Support Worker had worries about your child and talking to you about it would put the child at further harm, then they would share the information without your permission.

Will you come and visit me at home?

Yes the Family Support Worker is able to visit you at home at a time and day that is suitable for you. The Family Support Worker can also meet you at the children’s centre if this is more suitable.