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FAQ's - Nurseries

Are the fees inclusive of a settling in period?

Yes, fees include the settling in period.

What procedures are in operation for dealing with emergencies?

The nursery will always have a designated first aid person on site to deal with cuts and bumps. Your child’s key person will give you a note stating what happened, time & date and the treatment your child received. If a serious accident occurs we would inform you immediately. 

How secure will the building be?

The reception area will always be staffed and there will be a code to get through into the nursery. The classroom doors have high handles to stop children moving rooms. The outdoor area are supervised by staff at all times and there is fencing around the perimeter of the centre.

Does the nursery cater for individual personal care needs?

We know that all children have differing needs and after discussion between parent/carer and staff we will cater for their individual needs.

Where do the children rest or sleep?

If you have an under 2 at the nursery they will have a sleep room and there is also a quiet area for older children.

Is there space for active and quiet play?

The nursery will be organised with a range of different learning areas these include areas for both active and quiet areas.

Will my child have a key person?

The nursery will have a key person system. The key person will never ever replace a parent, but will be a special extra adult for your child. We believe that this essential attachment should be planned for and encouraged. As your child gains confidence, then he or she will move happily away from the key person and start to get to know the other staff in the nursery.

The staff work shifts to cover our long opening hours so your key person may not always be available but staff will always relay messages to other staff at hand over times to pass on to parents/carers.

Your key person will work with you to help your child settle in. If there are difficulties, then we will use our experience and share ideas to help you and your child. We understand that separations can be painful.

Are parents made welcome and involved in the running of the service?

Parents and families are children’s first and most important educator. Nothing can ever replace that. You know more about your child’s learning, relationships, strengths and difficulties than anyone else does. We want to respect the part that parents and families play in children’s lives. We want to work together in a real partnership with families. This helps children’s learning, and it helps them to feel happy in nursery. Parents are welcome into the centre at any time to observe your child or to share with us any expertise or skills that you may have.

What is the ratio of staff to children?
2 months - 2 years    1-3
2 years - 3 years    1-4
3 years- 5 years    1-8


What additional planned activities do you provide?

Children will be given the experience of visits both in the local environment and further afield. We will also have a range of visitors into the setting for example puppeteers, theatre groups, musicians and artists.

What secure, safe outdoor play areas are there available?

The children will have access to the nursery garden from all of the classrooms. The babies’ area has a picket fence with a gate so that we are able to provide a range of activities that are appropriate for their stage of development. The area is secure.

What is a settling in period?

Our aim is to settle children in at their own pace – when children are ready to move away from their parents, we will encourage and support this. You will always be asked to stay in the centre for your child’s first sessions. You can stay with your child for as long as you judge necessary. If your child is playing happily then you may feel you want to sit in another part of the centre and have a drink. We require you to check with your key person before you move away from the nursery room, or leave the centre. It is a time for your child to get to know their key person - with the reassurance of having you here too. As the relationship develops, your child will be able to trust that the key person and the other staff in the nursery are able to meet her or his needs, they can be helpful, comforting and deal positively with any problems and that they can provide interesting experiences which make it worthwhile to come to Nursery. The settling in process gives you a chance to see how the staff work and what kinds of experiences we offer to the children.

When is the centre closed throughout the year?

The centre will be closed on the 8 bank holidays, the days in between Christmas and New Year and for five days staff training. This means that the centre will be open for 48 weeks, 4 days per a year.

What happens if I am late?

Children must always be collected by 6pm when the nursery closes. If a parent is late then a late fee will be charged.  Our late fees are detailed in our terms and conditions which you will receive on offer of a place.

What should I do if my child is sick or cannot attend?

We ask parents/carers to let us know if their child is not coming to the centre and to inform us of any infectious illnesses. We know that many of the parents are working and sometimes it may be difficult to take time off but the interest of the children is our priority. If a child has sickness and diarrhoea it is important that they are not brought to nursery for 48 hours.

Are Nursery and Creche Staff Qualified?

All staff employed will be required to have either an NNEB, Cache Diploma in Nursery Nursing or NVQ level 3.

Nursery assistants will be following a recognised training qualification while working. We will always be keeping up to date with current research, and staff will be encouraged to attend further training.