Quaggy Development Trust

Progress not Perfection – the ECO journey


I first read the phrase ‘Progress not perfection’ on an environmentalist’s T-shirt.  This sits really well with me.  We all want to make the right choices environmentally, but it’s not always easy and sometimes feels like a challenge.  I have come to realise it is a journey and all journeys need steps and don’t always go in one direction! Anything that we can do to help the environment is worthwhile, whether that’s repairing a hole in your jumper instead of buying a new one, re-using stationery, recycling your waste or re-gifting an unwanted present, it all counts. There are many ways to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.  Across Quaggy Development Trust, we understand how important it is to commit to being more eco-minded, and will be travelling together on an important journey that will help to shape the future of the planet through the children and families we work with and those generations to come.

We need to reassure our children and give them hope.  One of the ways we are doing this is to help children develop an interest in nature, encouraging them to grow plants and vegetables and talking to them about animals. We are getting the children involved in reducing food waste, composting and enjoying the worms, wriggling around eating the food waste in the wormery!

So let’s keep the conversation going, show by example, do what we can – take more public transport, walking and cycling instead of using your car, reducing and recycling at home, turning off electronic items when not in use and using them less, taking showers instead of baths, only using the water you need. Try eating less meat and dairy and reducing food waste. Buy fewer clothes and toys and shop for things made locally.

However small, every eco choice you and your family make will have an impact – it’s all progress!


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