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Tots Talking


Tots Talking

We are currently running the Tots Talking programme which was designed and developed by Speech and Language UK with a group of parents of 2-year-old children. The aim of Tots Talking is to improve the talking and understanding of words in two-year-olds by sharing information with parents and carers and encouraging them to use the types of language and behaviours which research shows support children’s talking and understanding of words. 

The programme has eight sessions that run weekly with a small group of parents who are encouraged to use ways of talking that support children to develop their language and communication skills. It’s fun and enjoyable and not judgmental or ‘teachy’ where parents and carers are made to feel welcome and comfortable and able to discuss any issues they want. Each week we talk about how their week has been and watch film clips to show examples and encourage discussion. We also help parents/carers to create toys and games and practise using them and give ideas for things to do at home. 

We are 4 weeks into the programme where we have had up to seven parents attending and have made shakers, playdough, a Pom-pom Drop Game and used cardboard tubes, paint, and string to make trains, cars or anything they wanted to make. In the next few sessions, we will be looking at how children learn new words, using dummies and different types of play.

Georgina Smith
Deputy Early Years Lead


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