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The hustle and bustle of a Children Centre is what makes it a nice place to work; meeting new parents, hearing babies cry, a multitude of songs and music being played for children and children and parents joining in singing. The laughter, chatter, tears and support are the things that make you know you are making a difference to children and families and is what a Children Centre is there for, but 17 months ago we were told to shut our doors and stop all of the things that were second nature to us in providing services to children and families in the early days and years of their life.

Inside the walls of the Children Centre and out in the community an eerie silence descended, the music and singing stopped, no more babies crying and no more friendly hellos to parents. We adapted our services and are grateful that we now live in a world of technology as to reach our community, services and support went online or over the phone. We discovered storytellers, activity makers and we all learnt and adapted how to use online platforms so that we could stay connected and reach our community.

The past year and half has been difficult for everyone, new norms to get used to and now it’s a time of being able to return to the old norms, although there’s still a slight trepidation of not knowing what’s to come.

I am delighted to know that the doors of the Children Centre are open again, singing and music is heard, babies have been heard crying, talking to parents and seeing parents face to face is what makes a difference. We may have to make appointments for somethings at the moment but I am confident that at some point in the future you will be able to just turn up to activities and limits on numbers will be a thing that is only referred to in history books.

Human contact and connections with people are what make the difference, to get support face to face is so much better than virtually and that is what the children centre is for, to offer, support, give guidance, advice, training, volunteering opportunities alongside the fun, laughter, singing and development that children and parents need and I am pleased we are able to start offering that service again and can’t wait to see all the families again in our children centres.

To find out what services are one across Greenwich West at our centres visit our What’s On page. New sessions are added all the time, so check back often.


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