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Cost of Living


Things are getting more difficult for families in Greenwich in terms of finances and it looks like things may be getting harder as times go on.

To try to make access to information easier for families we have launched a ‘Cost of Living Hub’ on our website.

Using our experiences with families and the problems they face in Greenwich in terms of the cost of living, we have put together a webpage where we have collected information and support from across a variety of resources that may be relevant to families in Greenwich.

There are some fantastic websites out there that can help with the cost of living. Including calculating your rights to benefits and financial support. We have links to energy support and advice and information on local services that can help. Royal Greenwich have a wealth of support on their site and the London Mayor also has lots of advice and support. There is information on Foodbanks and how you can access them too.

We have links to ways to feed your family affordably and help to living well in Greenwich.

Everything we have put on there has a description so you can see the kinds of information offered.

We will be adding information as we come across it to grow the hub and we welcome any other resources that anyone can point us to, to add to the hub.

We hope our families find this useful in this difficult time and don’t forget we are doing what we can to provide affordable services and support for families with children under 5.

Most of our sessions are at present £1 per child per session or free. So, we are committed to helping families in this area. Our workers are also briefed in the types of support available and will often be an essential way of signposting parents to relevant support  


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