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Halo the Hippo

Halo the Hippo is our Family Learning Project to encourage children and parents to enjoy some fantastic activities together. 

This is how it works
Halo is taken home with children from Quaggy Nurseries and Children’s Centres to play and learn with the family. This might be trips out, a craft or cooking activity or even enjoying singing and dancing together.
Quaggy have some activity ideas that parents can also take home to complete.
Then photos or video are taken and sent to Quaggy (no face shots please). Also if you want to tell us what you did in a few sentences that would be great.
Halo will then post the experience on social media and to this page. To find out more about Halo the Hippo and how you can get involved please ask a member of staff. 

Halo Loves Adventures

Halo has a New Friend

Halo’s new friend is called Harvey. Harvey the Hippo is a real life hippo that has been adopted by the Children’s Eco Committee. As part of Quaggy’s work to achieve a Green Flag accreditation the children have adopted a hippo in Tanzania for the topic they are working on called Global Citizenship. You can find out more on our environmental hub. 

Halo's on Safari in Kenya 2024

I had lots of fun travelling around Kenya! I went to 3 different cities, Nairobi, Nakuru and Mombasa. I think my favourite of them all was Mombasa as it had a sandy beach and I got to sunbathe. I met 2 new friends called Assad and Muhammad, they looked after me and gave me lots of fun things to do. My favourite activities were going to the equator and seeing all the mountains and trees. I also enjoyed seeing all my animal friends at the national park,  I saw zebras, camels, cows, monkeys, horses and my good friend Parrot. 

Halo's Summer Outings 2023

Halo had great fun over the summer. Apart from meeting all the children, Halo also went on three trips with families to Mudchute Farm, The Discovery Centre and Tate Modern.

Discovery Centre – Halo went to the Discover story Centre in Stratford with their Children’s Centre friends. Halo enjoyed exploring the Centre inside and out and making up stories using their imagination.

Tate Modern – Halo loved going to the Tate Modern with more of his Children’s Centre friends. Halo met his old friend,Morph, outside and loved looking at the sites of London. When inside Halo loved watching his friends create wonderful pictures using iPads and really enjoyed creating a 3D sculpture!

Halo's Easter Fun with Callie

Halo Returns

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