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Halo the Hippo

Halo the Hippo is our Family Learning Project to encourage children and parents to enjoy some fantastic activities together. Halo has a Facebook Page.  
Halo is taken home with children from Quaggy Nurseries and Children’s Centres to play and learn with the family. This might be trips out, a craft or cooking activity or even enjoying singing and dancing together. Then photos or video are taken and sent to Quaggy (no face shots please). Halo will then post the experience on Facebook. To find out how it works watch our video below. 

Watch my video to take me home

Another Trip to Greenwich Park

Going home with a family from Quaggy – Halo spent the last 2 weeks with Georgie and I, we did lots of things during that time, we went for a bike ride, he visited the pond with the ducklings with us, did baking, story time, went to soft play and even napped with Georgie. We’ve had a lovely time with him!

Halo Returns

Halo’s Trip to Greenwich Park

We took Halo to Greenwich park and he helped us to collect twigs and branches to build a fire. Then Halo spotted some ants! He got very tired after all the walking so he had to have a little rest in the pram. When we came home he helped Runa make some Easter presents for her family! 

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