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Why Quaggy Nursery has been a Positive Experience for My Children


My name is Kate, and I am a parent of a child attending Quaggy Nursery. Both my younger daughter, who currently goes full time, and her older sister, who attended preschool at Quaggy a few years ago, have had the opportunity to thrive at this nursery. Quaggy has provided them with a caring and stimulating environment where they have been able to find activities they love and make lasting friendships.

The Importance of a Caring and Exciting Nursery Environment

As a working parent, it is crucial for me to ensure that my children have a nursery environment that is not only caring but also exciting and stimulating throughout the week. Quaggy Nursery has fulfilled these requirements and has had a significant impact on my daughter’s development. With her attending five days a week, the nursery environment plays a crucial role in her growth. Moreover, my daughter is naturally outgoing and curious. However, having spent a year in lockdown at a young age, transitioning to nursery was a huge step for her. Despite this, she has thrived at Quaggy. Her key person has been instrumental in helping her settle in, and I appreciate the regular updates I receive about her daily activities. Her language skills have seen significant improvement as well, and she can now share with us all the exciting things she has been doing at nursery. For instance, she recently participated in the Eco Committee, where she learned about saving water and now insists on turning off the taps at home. She also enjoyed engaging in musical activities, showing her diverse interests and experiences at the nursery.

A Positive Relationship with Quaggy Nursery

My connection with Quaggy Nursery extends beyond just having my children enrolled here. Over the years, I have used Quaggy for various purposes. Initially, I visited for antenatal appointments at the children’s centre and weigh-ins with the health visitors. This early contact allowed me to become familiar with Quaggy as a new mom. As my children grew older, Quaggy became their nursery, and I have had a positive experience throughout. The communication between the nursery and me has always been excellent. I feel comfortable asking questions and staying informed about my children’s progress. The staff genuinely know my children as individuals and can provide detailed insights into their development. When I was searching for a nursery for my younger daughter, I had the opportunity to have a conversation with the manager. This conversation helped alleviate any concerns I had and allowed me to understand the nursery’s approach, especially during the pandemic. The ongoing communication and transparency have been reassuring for me as a parent.

The Value of Effective Communication

Communication is key, and Quaggy Nursery understands this. I have always appreciated the updates and information shared through the online platform. Overall, the communication between Quaggy Nursery and me has been excellent, and I feel well-informed about my child’s experiences and progress.


Quaggy Nursery has been a positive and enriching experience for both my children. They have thrived in the caring and stimulating environment provided by the nursery. From making lasting friendships to engaging in various activities, my children have benefited tremendously from their time at Quaggy. As a parent, I have found Quaggy Nursery to be transparent, communicative, and accommodating. The ongoing relationship with the nursery, coupled with the regular updates, has given me peace of mind and confidence in their ability to provide the best care and education for my children.

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